Schleich – Mermaid with Baby Seahorse in Shell 70563

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Have you ever seen such a cute little seahorse? One day, it simply swam in through the window, and since then it has lived with the mermaid. The mischievous guy puts a smile on her face every day and is her best friend.
Have you ever seen such a cute little seahorse? It was still a little baby when it swam into the window of the purple house with the golden, pointed roof one day. The mermaid was sitting in front of the mirror and combing her long, reddish-brown hair, when the mischievous little guy just sat right down on her fin. The mermaid was immediately dazzled by the baby seahorse and petted and fed it. It has lived there ever sense and constantly makes its friend laugh. When the mermaid visits her girlfriends or goes on an outing, it simply comes along on her hand. After all, seahorses can’t swim that fast. If you ever want to visit the two of them, you just have to look out for the house with the pointy, golden roof. They will be delighted to see you.
Fun fact
This seahorse’s favourite food is tiny seaweed muffins and cake crumbs.

Opening and closing shell!
With a moveable arm!
Accessory can be swapped!
With glitter!
1x mermaid, 1x baby seahorse, 1x shell, 1x starfish, 1x mirror