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Ravensburger – Glow in the Dark Labyrinth Board Game

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Kids will love embarking on a search for treasure in this special 30th Aniversary Glow In The Dark edition of the classic Ravensburger The Amazing Labyrinth Board Game. Featuring 2 versions of game play! The classic Labyrinth Game where anything can happen in the depths of the Labyrinth where the walls constantly move, revealing dark unexplored passages. Or the Glow In The Dark version, this special edition of Labyrinth can be played in complete darkness! Watch the board come alive and unlock new secret treasures that can only be seen in the dark and match to your special glow in the dark treasure cards. Venture down to seek the treasure but watch out for lurking traps and an ever-changing maze that will bamboozle you and your opponents! Collect all the treasures on your cards first and escape from the Labyrinth to win. A fun and fabulous game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Game time approx. 20-30 mins
2-4 players.
Suitable for ages 7+ years
Contents: 1 game board, 34 square tiles, 24 treasure cards, 12 glow in the dark treasure cards, 4 movers (witch, magician, princess and sorcerer’s apprentice), 3 treasure coins